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Mash-Up Cookout

Reggae, Food, Nature & Positive Vibes

This year we will be expanding our Mashup Cookout to 3 days, Friday & Saturday dinners and a Sunday afternoon picnic. These fusion style dinners will highlight cultural favorites “mashed-up” with another complimentary culinary style. Made from locally grown foods and highlighting cultured/fermented foods & beverages.

FRIDAY- Foodies without Borders 

Empowering young entrepreneurs in developing countries through culinary arts, and sustainable farming.

Chef: Anthony Njigua


-Kuku Mnazi (Swahili Chicken Coconut Curry)

-Nyama Choma (Grilled/Roast Goat)

-Nyama Karanga (Grilled + Fried Steak Tips)

-Ndengu Mchuzi – (Mong Bean Stew) Vegan


-Pilau (Swahili Fried/Backed Spiced Rice)

-Sukuma Wiki na Mboga – (Kale, Spinach and Cabbage Medley) Vegan

-Mukimo – (Potato, Peas, Corn, Spinach, Spices Mash) Vegan

-Chapati – (Flat Bread) Vegan


-Kachumbari (Kenya’s Famous Version Salsa/Pico De Gallo)

-Seasonal Fruit Salad

-Cucumber, Cilantro, Mango Kale Salad

-Avo Mango Corn Bean Salad

SATURDAY- Yardie Ting

The Ultimate Jamaican Cuisine

Chef: Shanna Kay Wright


-Ackee & Salt Fish

– Roast Snapper

-Jerk Chicken

-Ital Stew Vegan



-Strawberry Mango Salsa

-Spicy Kale Salad

-Fried Bammy

-Rice & Beans


SUNDAY- Flatbread Company- Rockport

“The very best pizza that we can imagine”

Chef: Bobby Morgan

-The 3 County Flatbread- featuring locally sourced ingredients and fresh side salad

All dinner come with one craft beer/cider ticket.

Using local and organic ingredients whenever possible

All proceeds to chefs & our non-profit partner- to be announced shortly!